3 elephants escape a circus and damage several cars in parking lot

By Rebecca Walezak,

Three elephants escaped from a circus near St. Louis on Saturday and reportedly damaged multiple cars in the nearby parking lot before being detained.

According to the Associated Press, the elephants, all female, were part of a children's ride at the Moolah Shrine Circus.

"Things started shaking, when I looked up I saw three elephants coming towards us," said Sally Schmiz, who witnessed the incident. "These huge elephants literally went through these huge RVs. Then they went through two trucks breaking mirrors off, and panels off and breaking the windows."

The elephants also reportedly damaged the circus' loading door.

KMOV reports that no children were on the elephants at the time they got away from their handlers.

"The elephants were loose for a brief period," said Dennis Kelley, the president of Moolah Shrine Circus. "The handlers were able to occupy the animals and they are resting comfortably at this time."

Authorities have reported that there were no injuries because of the incident.

Circus officials have not specified how the three elephants escaped.



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