3-year-old girl and her doll donate hair to cancer patients (Video)

By Brady Kirkland,

Young Canadian Emily James is warming hearts all around the world in her now viral video. James, only 3 years old, donated seven inches of her hair to make wigs for young cancer patients.

According to the Huffington Post, James’ donation was also her first ever haircut. Her parents, Amy and Richard James, suggested donating the hair to their 3-year-old and she became eager to help. She agreed to chop off her locks for charity, as long as her Rapunzel doll could have a haircut as well.

“We told her it had to be cut really short to get enough length from it,” Richard James told FlyPress Films. “And Emily told us she was excited to ‘share her hair.’”

E! News reports that little Emily’s hair was cut at Brennen Demelo Studios by her uncle Matthew Collins. The hair was then donated to a British Columbia salon called 360 Hair, in association with the Canadian Cancer Society.

“We hope… that as Emily matures she will learn to make her own selfless decisions,” Amy James wrote on her blog. “That inspire and bring hope, even if there is a cost.”



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