Actress and comedian Margaret Cho to have unusual portrait made

By Monique Crawford,

Margaret Cho is an American comedian and actress of Korean ancestry. She can be found in episodes of Drop Dead Diva or on stage delivering jokes. Cho is known for being quite the character, but no one could have predicted her decision to use her own blood as paint for a portrait!

According to the New York Daily News, Cho has hired Manhattan artist Vincent Castiglia, who is known for painting exclusively with his own blood, to paint her portrait using her blood.

“I loved what he was doing. I think it’s very primal, very ritualistic,” Cho says. “His art is so finely detailed and it’s so masterful. It’s beautiful ... This is exciting to go through this process of collecting my blood and getting a portrait painted.”

Cho is known for several activities, including supporting the LGBT community, her love of fashion and tattoos, her comedy, and her clothing line.

Cho is particularly well-known for her philosophy of accepting everyone and rejecting impossible standards. Scribd reports that Cho was asked by a radio host, “What if you woke up and you were blond, blue-eyed, 5’ 11” and weighed 100 lbs and you were beautiful, what would you do?”

“I told him I probably wouldn’t get up because I would be too weak to stand!” she answered. “It upset me because I thought if that was the only person he thinks is beautiful, he must not see much beauty ever.”

image: Showtime



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