Adam Levine jokes about having “sexual problems” with fellow ‘The Voice’ coach Blake Shelton

By Elaine Alluin ,

Adam Levine, front man of Maroon 5, was on Chelsea Lately and talked about his friendship, and close bond, with The Voice judge Blake Shelton.

US Magazine reports that the sassy and quick witted host, Chelsea Handler, encouraged a playful banter with Levine as they joked about his relationship with country singer Shelton, 37.

Handler started the entertaining conversation by telling Levine, “You're in love with Blake Shelton. You're not scared to admit that. You guys have been dating for what, two and a half years now? That's beautiful."

In good humor, Levine, 34, responded with, “We're having some sexual problems, though.”

Handler went on to tease the singer about Shelton’s drinking problem, and how his wife, Miranda Lambert, can relate with Levine because of Shelton’s ‘”impotency” problem.

"That's why we get along, Miranda and I, so well," said Levine, "because we have so much to talk about between the two of our relationships."

All teasing aside, Levine went on to talk about how he sees himself and Shelton as coaches on The Voice. E! Online reports that Levine said, “I think I'm way better than Blake. That goes without saying. All jokes aside, he is a really good coach. We all are good coaches."

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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