Alexandria police looking into trio of killings as possibly connected

By Kyle Johnson,

Police in Alexandria, Va. have said that they are looking into the slayings of a real estate agent, transportation planner and music teacher as possibly related.

Ronald Kirby, a regional transportation planner, was shot and killed last November, music teacher Ruthanne Lodato was shot on Thursday and real estate agent Nancy Dunning who was killed back in 2003, reports The Washington Post.

Police say the three murders might be connected because they were all carried out in much the same way. Each was shot at around noon and at their homes that are only two miles apart. Whoever killed the three also didn't have to force their way into the homes and they were all shot while answering the front door.

Other weaker similarities between them that the police aren't yet sure if they're relevant are that all three killed are white, fairly close in age, parents and were in normal contact with public officials.

Another possible similarity, Fox Baltimore reported, is that a statement from police says the bullets used to kill Lodato showed "the same rifling class and characteristics and are similar in design to bullets submitted" in the other two cases.

Unfortunately, police say that they don't know for sure as a microscopic comparison turned out inconclusive.



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