‘All is By My Side,’ Jimi Hendrix biopic shows off Andre 3000 (Video)

By Marcina Zaccaria,

Recording artist Andre 3000 stars in the Jimi Hendrix biopic All is By My Side, which released a short first look with the actor and singer in the role.

All is By My Side was written and directed by John Ridley, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It stars Hayley Atwell and Imogen Poots appears in the film with Andre 3000. Early word out of the Toronto Film Festival was fairly positive about the film.

The trailer for the film has been released. In the clip from the film, we see Andre 3000 having a conversation with Imogen Poots as Linda Keith, according to UPI.

Hendrix is a rock legend who was known for thrilling audiences with his guitar solos. A true legend, Hendrix, has been honored at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Originally from Seattle, Hendrix formed a band called the Jimi Hendrix experience with vocalist Noel Redding and drummer Mitch Mitchell. They released three albums, including Electric Ladyland.

Andre 3000 was originally named Andre Lauren Benjamin. He is a rapper and songwriter. He was a member of the duo OutKast with rapper Big Boi. His albums include ATLiens, Aquemini, Stankonia, and Idlewild. He is no stranger to the world of film, having appeared in Revolver, Be Cool, and Hollywood Homicide.



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