Aloe Blacc plays new tunes at SXSW

By Marcina Zaccaria,

Aloe Blacc is enjoying the success of his most recent album that was released this week. The singer is making a splash at the musical festival, SXSW.

Blacc’s song, “The Man,” has become a fan favorite. In some ways, the Southern California recording artist was inspired by advice by Dr. Dre. Blacc’s song, “The Man,” borrows elements from Elton John’s, “Our Song.”

According to the Associated Press, Blacc said, "I said, OK, I'll mix a little bit of hip-hop with a little bit of soul and create a character in the voice of the song that's masculine, but still attractive... And so it was the process of creating a song in Dr. Dre's parameters. Considering the license from Beats By Dre, I feel like I executed it properly."

Songs like “The Man” are keeping Blacc in the minds of music fans. His album, Lift Your Spirit, on Interscope Records is quickly finding support with fans and critics alike. The new CD was released on March 11, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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