‘Amazing Race’ Recap: ‘Can’t Make Fish Bite’

By Lauren DuBois,
Teams Head To Sri Lanka

Teams started the next leg of The Amazing Race All-Stars by flying from Malaysia to Colombo, Sri Lanka, where they would need to get blessed at a temple to receive their next clue.

Most teams made it onto a direct flight to Colombo that departed at 11 p.m. — except Brendon and Rachel, and Margie and Luke. Margie and Luke decided to go on stand by for the flight, while Brendon and Rachel decided to get on an earlier flight to Singapore that had a mere 30-minute connection time between landing and their second flight to Colombo. Luckily for them, they made their connection and were the first team to arrive in Sri Lanka. Margie and Luke, however, were not able to get on the same flight as the other teams, and were approximately 10 hours behind as a result.

Brenchel arrived at the temple first, but because it didn’t open until 5:45 a.m., the other teams managed to catch up to them. After getting blessed, teams took a train to Galle, where they encountered a Detour.

In “Fishing Pole,” teams had to climb on a pair of fishing stilts and each catch a fish. Dave and Connor, Jet and Cord and John and Jessica chose this one (though John and Jessica later switched). In ‘Spin Control,’ they had to learn and perform a traditional folk dance while spinning drum-like mats. Caroline and Jennifer, Leo and Jamal, Flight Time and Big Easy and Brendon and Rachel chose this one.

After the detour, teams headed to the Trendy Collections Garment factory, where they encountered a roadblock. One member from each team had to successfully sew a shirt.

While there, Brendon and Rachel also encountered their speed bump, which they were required to complete for being saved during the non-elimination leg. Before beginning the roadblock, they needed to apply a final layer of color to a print of the Sri Lankan flag on 15 shirts.

After that, teams headed to the Colombo Rowing Club for the pit stop. Dave and Connor finished in first, both winning $5,000. Caroline and Jennifer, Jet and Cord, Leo and Jamal, Jessica and John, Flight Time and Big Easy and Brendon and Rachel all checked in afterward.

Margie and Luke were unable to make up the time lost due to their significantly later flight and were ultimately eliminated.

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