Amazing 'Wheel of Fortune' guess leads to right answer (Video)

By Daniel S Levine,

Last night’s Wheel of Fortune had one of the most miraculous endings in the show’s history. Without any help at all, other than the first two letters, contestant Emil got the Bonus Round right and not even host Pat Sajak could believe it.

The phrase’s category was just “thing” and Emil didn’t get any extra help from the constants and a vowel he called out. All he knew was that it was three words and the first word started with “NE.” Vanna White was a little surprised that none of his letters were part of the puzzle and Sajak noted that Emil had some luck earlier in the show. But it was impossible to predict he would be this lucky.

It turned out that the “thing” was a “NEW BABY BUGGY,” which was somehow the first thing to pop out of Emil’s head. Emil didn’t think he had it, since the board didn’t light up right away, but a second later, it was revealed that he was right. Sajak was so shocked that he searched Emil to see if he had the answer somewhere. Sajak called it “the most amazing solve in my 30+ years on the show” on Twitter, notes AV Club.

It was truly amazing. You could see it happening if Emil at least had help on the second word, but for some reason he had baby buggies on the brain. He ended up winning an additional $45,000 on top of his winnings from earlier in the show.

image courtesy of YouTube



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