'American Dad' recap: Introducing the Naughty Stewardesses

By Victoria Greene,

This week’s episode of American Dad parodies popular shows Face/Off and Charlie’s Angels.

In the first portion of the show, Stan and Francine are revealed and state they are going to Hawaii, a surprise trip from Stan to his wife. Because Francine feels their lives have grown boring, she expresses her joy at the surprise trip and Stan tells her the surprises don’t stop there. Stan tells Francine they will actually be going to Sacramento and she remarks that that is boring.

Stan refutes claim that Sacramento is boring as the city is broken into four parts, which ignores that Hawaii is also broken into four parts. As Francine glares at Stan and prepares to cut herself, a group of four, risqué airplane flight attendants appear near them and introduce themselves as ‘The Naughty Stewardesses’. Because they are bored and envious of the exciting lives the women seem to lead, Stan and Francine quick friendships with the women.

When one of the women is revealed to have slept with Mark Cuban and Cuban approaches and asks the woman to go on a trip with him. She declines because she has to work, but then asks Stan and Francine to cover for her. They readily agree.

On Stan and Francine’s flight, they see Mark Cuban’s bodyguard, which they feel is strange and notice he is clinging to a large bag.

After creating a diversion, Stan manages to get the bag away from the bodyguard and opens it up to find blueprints, which read, ‘Plans to Blow up the Sun’.

Steve, Francine, and the flight attendants find out that Mark Cuban is having a party and infiltrate. They tell him they won’t let him go through with blowing up the sun and he is confused until he looks at the blueprints.

He explains that he is going to the blow up The Phoenix Suns, a basketball team and he has not plans to attack them with missiles, as Stan believes. He simply means that he will destroy their teams with business savvy.

Stan and Francine realizes that Cuban isn’t doing anything illegal and prepares to leave him alone when the flight attendants burst in and state that their airline is the official airline of The Phoenix Suns and a brawl ensues.

The Naughty Stewardesses defeat Mark Cuban and a happy ending is had.

In the second part of the episode, Steve has fallen in love with a popular girl, Jenna, whose homework he does. While speaking to his friends about Jenna, her boyfriend breaks up with her in the middle of the cafeteria. Seeing Steve’s chance, his friends urge him to speak to a distraught Jenna.

Jenna tells Steve that her boyfriend has dumped her under the orders of his football coach. She wishes a nice guy would ask her out, but Steve can’t work up the nerve to speak his feelings and Jenna walks away.

At his house, Steve plays gin with Roger and laments his problems to the alien who says that he will ask Jenna out for Steve after switching their faces. Steve feels that this sounds dangerous and Roger ignores Steve’s feelings.

Armed with tools from his home planet, Roger using one of the tools to remove Steve’s face and the other to remove his own, then switches them.

At home the next day, Steve hopes he made the right choice in letting Roger impersonate him and Klaus says he is sure Roger will be a total gentleman. Roger, however, is rude and abusive to Jenna and she responds positively, happily going along with Roger as Steve.

When Roger returns home from school, Steve asks how things went with Jenna and Roger tells him things went wonderfully. He tells Steve he has no plans to give him his face back because Roger wants to spend the rest of his life with Jenna. He then knocks Steve out with a lamp and goes to a dance with Jenna.

At the dance, while they are having a great time together, Jenna reveals to Roger as Steve that she is pregnant with her previous boyfriend’s baby. Roger is surprised and horrified and leaves the dance immediately.

He switches his face back with Steve’s and prepares to tell Steve the news about Jenna, but after Steve insults him and hits him in the face with a lamp as revenge, Roger lets Steve go.

When Steve goes to meet Jenna’s parents, she continually alludes to the fact that she is pregnant, but Steve doesn’t entirely understand, thinking she is referring to him when she says ‘her baby’.

Inside her parents’ home, Jenna throws up immediately and reveals that she is pregnant, shocking her parents and Steve. Her father grabs Steve and threatens his life for getting Jenna pregnant, but Steve has no idea what is happening.

It happens that is the day that Steve and Roger play gin and while Roger wonders where Steve is, Steve calls Roger and is furious that Roger didn’t tell him Jenna was pregnant.

Roger tells Steve to meet him at a teahouse and Steve explodes immediately about the situation. He doesn’t want a baby, but he doesn’t feel it would be right to simply abandon Jenna after her parents have said they won’t help her and her previous boyfriend doesn’t care.

Roger devises a plan to get Jenna’s previous boyfriend to go back to her. He switches faces with the boy’s football coach and demands he go back to Jenna.

They tell the coach, whose face they’ve stolen, that he will say nothing if he wants his face back and he will fix the next football game so Roger can win a bet.

Jenna breaks up with Steve and Steve isn’t bothered at all.

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