Andre 3000 spent a quarter of each day practicing guitar for Jimi Hendrix role

By Brian Brown,

Right-handed Outkast MC Andre 3000 practiced for six hours a day to play the famously left-handed guitarist Jimi Hendrix in All Is by My Side.

The film's producer, Danny Bramson, told Billboard that it was important the guitar playing convey "grace and fluidity" because "we didn't want to have the camera cropped on his face and not the guitar."

The film, which is making its U.S. premiere at South by Southwest this week, recently unveiled a clip of Andre 3000 as Hendrix talking with Linda Keith, played by Imogen Poots, about the upcoming 1967 Monterey Pop Festival which became one of Hendrix's breakthrough performances.

Rolling Stone reported in 2012 that due to conflict with Hendrix's estate, the movie will not feature any of the music icon's original works, but will include Andre 3000 covering songs by Muddy Waters and The Beatles.

In his Billboard interview, Bramson said he wasn't concerned with the "iconic material," rather he "felt so strongly in trying to go for interpretation of Hendrix and the musical environment that surrounded him and mirrored his sense of finding himself as a guitarist."

Image: Wikimedia Commons



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