Android tablets outselling iPads, make up 62 percent of tablet market

By Daniel S Levine,

Despite the popularity of Apple’s iPad tablet, devices that use Google’s Android operating system make up more of the tablet market than the iPad. Still, the iPad does sell more devices than any single Android tablet, highlighting the fact that a wide variety of brands use Android.

Analytics firm Gartner said on Wednesday that there were 195.4 million tablets sold in 2013 in total, up a whopping 68 percent over 2012. Only 70.4 million of those were iPads with the iOS operating system, making up 36 percent. Android tablets sold 120.9 million, making up 62 percent of the market. Microsoft was in third with only 4 million tablets sold, making up 2 percent.

NBC News notes that the numbers do not reflect the release of the iPad Air and iPad mini, which both came out in 2013. Garnet’s numbers are also inexplicably smaller than Apple’s own numbers. According to AppleInsider, Gartner’s numbers are off by a whopping 3.8 million compared to Apple’s own reports.

Still, Apple dominates when the market is broken down by brands, not operating systems. Apple products take up 36 percent (70.4 million sold) of the market, while Samsung makes up just 19.1 percent (37.4 million). Amazon is even further behind, as it sold just 9.4 million (4.8 percent) in 2013.

image courtesy of Amazon



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