Aretha Franklin working with Andre 3000 and Babyface on new album, she didn't know the Outkast star's name though

By Gina DiFalco,

Andre 3000, one half of the group Outkast, is working with Aretha Franklin on her newest album. Franklin revealed the collaboration at her 72nd birthday party over the weekend in New York City, where she also revealed she’s working with Babyface on the new album.

"Babyface is working on the tracks," she said, adding of his guest-starring role on Broadway with Toni Braxton in After Midnight, "So, I'm just waiting for him to finish that so he can finish my tracks please.”

She went on to say that the Outkast rapper, who she couldn’t even get his name right, would be working with Babyface on those tracks. "And I think Andre 2000 - is it two or three? 3000 is going to be doing some of the tracks with him,” she said, Billboard reports.

Other famous faces at her intimate birthday party at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel included Denzel Washington and Clive Davis. Washington had just come from the stage, where Franklin saw him in A Raisin In the Sun.

HipHopWired reports Franklin’s collaboration with Andre 3000 isn’t the first time she has crossed into the world of R&B. Back in 1997, she did a song with female rapper Lauryn Hill called “A Rose is Still a Rose.”



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