Arizona man arrested for stealing and reselling beer

By Rebecca Walezak,

An Arizona man has been arrested under the suspicion that he’s been stealing beer from multiple stores in Phoenix.

Angelo De Leon, who was arrested Wednesday, specifically targeted local Circle K stores. He was found when police identified him through security surveillance cameras.

According to ABC News, police were called about a suspicious man walking down the street. When they saw him, the officers recognized De Leon and arrested him. De Leon was charged with 54 counts of retail theft, totaling in almost $7,000 worth of product.

De Leon was reportedly selling the beer on the streets to pay his bills.

“Of course our concern is the economic impact, but the biggest concern is that he’s done 54 of these,” Phoenix police officer James Holmes reportedly said. “What happens if on number 55, someone tries to stop him? We could have someone injured, or worst?”

CBS 5 reports that police are looking into who the individuals are that bought the alcohol De Leon sold.

De Leon is currently being held at police headquarters.



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