Australian teacher goes on Facebook rant about student who committed suicide

By Michelle Kapusta,

An Australian teacher used the popular social media platform to go on a vicious and insensitive rant about a student who committed suicide.

According to The Australian, Simon Cox posted the message about the 16-year-old student the day after the teen committed suicide.

“You were a bully to kids smaller and younger than yourself, I saw you intimidate, stand over and beat up on younger kids (never anyone your own size),” Cox posted.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Daily Mail reported that the teacher went on to attack the student’s grieving parents saying that they had made excuses for their son.

"You were a moody, disrespectful little brat in and away from school who was always given excuses by your parents and soft people in authority. Your gone, good no sympathy or empathy from me.”

He then described the teen’s death as unimportant.

Many students and parents expressed outrage over the post and said what Cox wrote about the boy was untrue.

Once the school got news of the rant, he was immediately pulled from the classroom. He admitted to writing the Facebook post and is expected to be fired after the evidence is reviewed.



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