Autism linked to pollution

By Laura Hundemer,

A recent study has found that autism is linked to pollution in the environment and may be triggered by harmful toxins. Pregnant women that were exposed to unsafe fumes at traffic and industrial sites showed an increased risk for delivering an autistic child.

According to The Almagest, boys were more defenseless to the toxins than girls were, but both boys and girls showed a noticeable reduction in intellectual abilities. In some cases, children suffered genital abnormalities.

The team conducting the study at the University of Chicago analyzed data from insurance claims evaluating autism rates and congenital malformations. They compared the data from over 3,100 counties. While the study showed the environment contributes to autism and other problems, it could not be concluded that it is the leading cause for autism.

Autism is a development disorder that begins early in pregnancy and is present by three years of age. It involves social and communicative challenges. According to the Liberty Voice, from 2000-2008, the number of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder increased significantly.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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