A baby gorilla at the San Diego Zoo has pneumonia

By Elaine Alluin ,

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park added a new addition to the facility where an infant gorilla was delivered in an unusual animal Caesarean section.

The Associated Press reports that the infant gorilla has pneumonia and is under constant surveillance of veterinary care. The baby gorilla was in intensive care because she was having trouble breathing.

Veterinarian Nadine Lamberski has been working closely with the newborn gorilla. Lamberski said that the infant contracted the virus during the birth.

The infant's mother, Imani, is 18-years-old and had never given birth before. With her first pregnancy Imani had to endure a rare C-section because she was struggling after going into labor.

A vet, and two doctors that work on humans, were brought in for Imani’s delivery.

Lamberski told CBS News that she has faith that the baby gorilla will survive because of all the progress she has made.

"She's extremely strong, she can grasp, she kicks, she's vocal, has a very strong suckle reflex," said Lamberski. "She looks around. She can hold her own head up, which is pretty amazing."

The San Diego Zoo Safari Park now has a total of eight gorillas in the facility.



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