'The Bachelor' and 'After the Final Rose' recap

By Alesandria Posada,

Host Chris Harrison opened up the final episode of season 18 of The Bachelor and promised everyone at home the finale would be the most shocking finale of Bachelor history. Well, Harrison was sort of right, but most audience members were more shocked over the commentary made during After the Final Rose.

The drama filled episode started off with Clare meeting Juan Pablo’s family for the first time. The blonde beauty was so excited to meet the parents that she couldn’t stop gushing about seeing how Juan Pablo acted with his daughter, Camila, and how great it would be to be a mom.

The family welcomed Clare with open arms, while Camila seemed to like Clare during their first encounter.

However, things turned when Clare asked Juan Pablo’s mother if there is anything she needs to know about her beau’s personality. There is a brief pause as Juan Pablo’s mother tries to find the right words. She settles for describing her son as “super active” and warns Clare how rude Juan Pablo can be.

Clare responds with how Juan Pablo made her cry at one point during the relationship, and the mother responded with: “Me too.”

What might be a red flag for many women, Clare does not find it as a problem and says she loves Juan Pablo’s honesty.

Later, Clare talks to Juan Pablo’s cousin, Rodolfo, about how much love she has for the former soccer player and how she will do anything for him. Again, Rodolfo warns Clare how difficult Juan Pablo can be, but Clare seems to take in the information with rose-colored glasses.

Towards the end of the meet-the-family date, Clare has the chance to sit down with Juan Pablo’s father. The two have a sentimental moment where Juan Pablo’s father tells her he will always be a father to her, the two hug it out and Clare leaves.

“Juan Pablo definitely has my heart and now so does his family,” she said before the first commercial break.

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