'The Bachelor: The Women Tell All' Recap

By Alesandria Posada,

With Andi’s dramatic exit from last week’s episode of The Bachelor, fans were anxious to see what Juan Pablo would face as he faced his ex girlfriends – and The Women Tell All did not disappoint.

The special started off with recently married Sean and Catherine who stopped by to talk about their wedding, the honeymoon and more. The couple informed host Chris Harrison they went to Bora Bora where Sean ran into a stingray that got a little too fresh with him. The duo was swimming with the sharks and stingrays (an activity on Sean’s bucketlist) when a stingray latched on to his “man parts.” Don’t worry, he said he’s fine and the rest of the honeymoon was great.

Then Harrison asked the question all Bachelor fans wanted to know: “How was the wedding night?”

Sean was quick to say it was fireworks while his new wife jumped in with “Quick fireworks.” This made the audience laugh and left Sean blushing.

The couple then went on to say they are living in Dallas and in 12 months they are going to start trying to have a baby because, according to Catherine, Sean is getting old.

After the update on Sean and Katherine, Harrison opened up the conversation to the women who had no problem bashing their ex boyfriend.

“I felt like he wasn’t genuine,” Lauren said, along with many of the girls who nodded in agreement.

The women confronted the issue of how they always felt Juan Pablo was trying to find someone to date, never a wife. They revealed how they had issued with his constant use of the term “fair” and “honest”. Most of the women felt Juan Pablo talked a lot about being fair but kept changing the rules on them – which confused them during the duration of their stay in the house.

Other quick topics included Juan Pablo using his daughter, Camila as an excuse, Clare and Juan Pablo’s rendezvous in the ocean (where all women had no knowledge of).

“I think he had a case of buyers remorse,” Sharleen said.

After commercial break, Sharleen spoke with Harrison one-on-one looking elegant and poised as always. The opera singer informed the host she knew there was a connection between her and Juan Pablo but she was missing that “cerebral connection.” She was disturbed by why the physical aspect of their relationship was the thing propelling them forward.

“I said goodbye because I knew he wasn’t the one for me,” Sharleen said.
She then went on to say how every woman has had a relationship where it was just physical and she wanted more than that. Despite the “just physical” portion of her relationship with Juan Pablo, she did say Juan Pablo was very curious and frequently asked her question about her life and other people.

Sharleen finished her interview saying she was a little nervous to see Juan Pablo because of how strong the chemistry was between them.

Renee was the second woman to take the hot seat with Harrison. She informed the host she believed her relationship with Juan Pablo stemmed from the fact they both had kids. A lot of their conversation was spent on talking about each other’s kid.

She also said she had no regrets from her experience and did not believe that if she had told Juan Pablo she loved him during her hometown date it would have changed the outcome of how the relationship ended.

The single mother said she learned a lot from the experience and it gave her confidence in the dating world. Speaking of the dating world, it has recently been reported she is engaged to a new beau, but when asked about the new relationship, she referred it as a “situation” because she didn’t want to jinx anything.

Despite her tearful exit from the show, she was glowing and seemed to be very happy.

Andi took the stage during the second half of the show and Harrison couldn’t wait to find out what happened when the camera crew left.

She said it was fine in the beginning. They laughed and were having a good time, but eventually he started talking about his life, soccer and the people he knew.

She remembered looking at him at one point and thinking, “This will never work.”

Andi did regret not saying anything to him during the overnight but we all know she had no regrets about what she said the next day.

It wasn’t all bad comments coming from Andi. She did say she felt a chemistry with the bachelor and he was never mean to her, he just had no filter and sometimes he made her feel cheap. Juan Pablo bringing up his overnight date with Clare didn’t help the situation either.

Andi left saying she was still looking for a “great love” which makes fans wonder if the show is setting her up to be the next Bachelorette.

Finally, Juan Pablo entered the room and received a fairly warm welcome from the audience – too bad he didn’t receive that from the women.

He gave a special hello to Andi and she responded with a rather cold hello back but he didn’t seem too bothered by it.

The bachelor went on to say he had no regrets about what he went through and stuck with his need to be honest with all the women from the first day.

The women didn’t let the problems slide, however, as many of them confronted him about why he didn’t treat them fairly. He called Renee and Cassandra his special ones because they were the single moms of the show and would refuse to kiss Renee but had no problem kissing Cassandra.

Juan Pablo responded that they were special because they had given up more to be on the show (which made the girls even more angry) and blamed who he chose to kiss on his way of showing respect for Ben, Renee’s son.

The women asked why he never seemed to care to really get to know them and Sharleen backed up him when she said he did ask her questions about her life, but Juan Pablo would just mumble about how he did ask them questions and in his own way would feel out who fit into his life.

Andi took fans by surprise when she did defend Juan Pablo by saying there were parts of him she did like and parts that she didn’t and still does not like. Yes, she said it to his face and his response: “That’s okay.”

The two laughed about the bachelor’s catch phrase and moved on.

Tensions ran high when Kelly (the dog lover) confronted Juan Pablo about the comments he made on gay people. She started crying because she was offended as a daughter who came from a parent that is gay.

Juan Pablo repeated his story of how he has no problem with gay people, his words were taken out of context and he believes gay people are born the way they are.

Sharleen defends him when she said he is very open-minded because during their time together, they talked about equality. The subject was dropped when Juan Pablo said he would talk to Kelly, just the two of them, because he’d rather have an hour-long conversation about it and not a four-minute conversation.

The Women Tell All ended with a well-needed blooper reel of the time spent in the house and a funny montage of all the times Juan Pablo said, “It’s okay,” where the camera cuts to Andi who shakes her head and laughs.

Tune in next Monday, March 10 at 8/7c to find out who Juan Pablo proposed to.

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