Backlash sparked over Rooney Mara casting as Native American character Tiger Lily in ‘Pan’

By Erica Albanese,

Rooney Mara has been cast as Tiger Lily in the upcoming film Pan, but not everyone seems to be happy about it. The casting has sparked some backlash over the fact that a white actress will play the Native American character of Tiger Lily.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo actress was cast to play Tiger Lily on Wednesday.

And some took to the Internet to voice their displeasure in the casting. “Rooney Mara is an incredibly gifted, insightful artist. But come on. You couldn't find a Native American actress to play Tiger Lily?!?!" someone tweeted.

Another user wrote, “Rooney Mara cast as Tiger Lily in new Peter Pan film because there are clearly no Native American actresses,” reports the New York Daily News.

Pan, directed by Joe Wright, is to be an origin film set before the classic story, Peter Pan. The film will star Peter, an orphan who is kidnapped by pirates and brought to Neverland, where he must save the land from the evil Blackbeard.

Mara will star alongside Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard and Garrett Hedlund as Hook. There will be an open casting to find a boy between the ages of 10-12 years old to play the role of Peter.

Variety points out that the movie version of Neverland is "multi-racial/international" and that the characters will be different than that of the original version.

Lupita Nyong'o and Adele Exarchopoulos were looked at before Mara was chosen.

Image: By Elen Nivrae from Paris, France (IMG_9261) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons



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