‘Bangerz’ tour construction worker gets injured on Miley Cyrus’ tongue

By Amy Michura,

Miley Cyrus’ tongue has definitely been making its debut during her Bangerz tour, and most recently it has affected another person.

Charles Nicholas Sarris is a construction worker on the tour. He has decided to file a lawsuit against the tour, according to TMZ.

Sarris was hired to take part in constructing the giant tongue that Cyrus uses as a slide during her tour. According to Daily Mail, the tongue slide had the purpose of poking fun at the singer constantly sticking out her tongue.

Last month, he claimed that he was badly injured during the job due to the provided equipment and tools failing on him. According to TMZ, it caused him to fall and injure himself.

The lawsuit that he is seeking is not particularly against the 21-year-old singer, but ShowFx, the company that provided the equipment.

Sarris claims that ShowFx failed to inform him about all of the potential dangers that the construction involved and he is looking to receive unspecified damages.

According to Daily Mail, Cyrus is continuing to use the tongue as a slide

Image Courtesy: ABC


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