'Being Human' Recap: 'Oh Don't You Die For Me'

By Drew Barile,

Nora decided to pack up and move out, following the issues her and Josh were having after he slept with Wendy when he was a wolf. For most of the episode Sally bombards Josh about making Nora stay, and that they need to end up together, trying to make them run into each other as Nora comes over to pack up her stuff.

As Nora was packing up things in the bathroom, Sally rushed to stop her from taking pills, but they were just aspirin. Sally explained to Nora that in the alternate world she was addicted to pills. Nora then asked what else happened. Sally told her she and Aidan were in love, which explained why she was acting so weird around him since her return.

Josh decided to try and bond with the pack, so he took Mark and Andrew to the woods to show him change at will into his wolf. Since that moment, the rest of the pack was more than eager to have Josh be their alpha. Caroline and Andrew invited Josh to their new house in the country the day before the change. After he got there, Mark showed up with some groceries. They tell Josh they invited the whole pack to change together with him and have a party the night before. Josh was talking with Mark and some other wolves, when they brought a girl over who was more than excited to meet Josh and see him change. As she walked away, the light bulb went off in Josh's head. This girl wasn't a wolf. At least not yet, according to Mark. They invited all these other people who voluntarily wanted to be wolves, and they were going to have Josh change that night and scratch them. Once Josh heard this he freaked out and tried to leave. Mark and Andrew tasered him, and locked him in a cage in the basement.

Susanna was trying to convince Aidan to join her in killing off vampires. She took him around to the back of a blood den, and showed him the next target. Unbeknownst to Susanna, the vampire she was pointing to was Kenny, who she just knew as the leader of Boston. Aidan went to visit Kenny to see what kind of operation he was running. While he was there, leaders from other cities were coming to ask his advice and have him help build up their cities. Aidan wasn't buying it, and reached for his stake. But Astrid, the werewolf, came over to greet Kenny. Kenny said that if he and Astrid could walk around without being reprimanded for being a vampire and werewolf dating, that it is a good thing. Astrid then left for Andrew's house to change with the rest of the pack.

Meanwhile, Josh woke up to Mark and Andrew telling him they want to control how their pack grew. They said that the truce with the vampires isn't going to last forever, and they need to be ready. Josh says he will never scratch those people, so Mark began to taser him, forcing him to change. They brought all the other people and the rest of the wolves down, including Astrid. She quickly left and ran to the apartment to get Sally, Nora, and Aidan.

Nora, Aidan, and Sally went to the farm house to rescue Josh. Nora rebuked Mark and Andrew. But they were unable to be persuaded, as their ideology was to radical. Nora escorted a wounded Josh away. Aidan and Sally remained to cover their retreat. Aidan began fighting the wolves, but was having difficulty. Sally decided to help by possessing them as Aidan neutralized them. Eventually Sally possessed a werewolf and tries to remind Aidan of what they had in the other timeline. Sally kissed Aidan as a big man! Word don't do the scene justice, watch episode and see for yourself. The fight scene was one of the best this season, plus Aidan kissing a man who was Sally.

Later, Sally and Aidan kissed. The episode becomes even more intense. Aidan rushed over to Kenny's because he thought Kenny texted him. It was actually Susanna, she was threading to kill Kenny, or make Aidan do the deed. Aidan refused and explained that Susanna is acting out over guilt for killing their son, Isaac. Aidan forgave her, and she went mad with anger. She attempted to stake Kenny, but was stopped by Aidan and then staked. Aidan collapsed on to Kenny.

Also, once Aidan was conscious he was back at the house, weeping over a unconscious Sally. She was strained too much from taking over the wolves bodies. As Aidan grieved, Nora explained that Sally loved Aidan and even acted on that love in the other timeline. Aidan was amazed and touched. Then the episode ended with the viewer seeing Lil Smokie again!

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