'The Big Bang Theory' Recap: 'The Friendship Turbulation'

By Marissa Pessolano,

In last night’s The Big Bang Theory, "The Friendship Turbulence," Penny tells the gang she turned down a role to be in the sequel of the movie she was in, Serial Apeist. She died in the first one, but in the second one her character would be cloned from her corpse, but her DNA would get mixed up with the ape’s resulting in her being half gorilla. Sheldon thinks that she was born to play that role.

Leonard tells her that she should take the part, but Penny thinks it is silly and not good for her career. Leonard feels like she should take the paid gig and not continue to burn through her savings. Sheldon goes on a tangent and puts down Howard saying his career isn’t as important as Sheldon’s, comparing him to Hawk Eye's role in the Avengers. When Bernadette questions Sheldon as to why he keeps putting down Howard, Penny says sarcastically that it is out of love, just like Leonard makes her feel bad about the choices she makes. Leonard says he just doesn’t understand why she would rather sit at home than take the part. This causes Penny to get up and leave the apartment mad.

Sheldon goes back to Bernadette’s question, saying that Howard started it ten years ago when he said he looked like C3P0 and PeeWee Herman. He then pointed out he replaced his Powerpoint presentation on cosmic gas clouds with heavy nude women bending over. He claims that the past ten years were filled with countless jokes and pranks.

Raj walks Amy to her car and they talk about Raj’s dating life. Raj is sad that he is still alone.

Howard goes into Sheldon’s office and says that maybe they should be better friends. Howard invites Sheldon along to go to Houston for a talk he is doing at NASA.

Raj goes to see Amy at work and shows her a picture of a girl he found on a dating site. Raj asks Amy for help in messaging her. Amy thinks that what Raj has planned out sounds desperate and creepy. Amy suggests saying something more casual. Raj asks Amy to be his “online wingman” and message her for him.

Penny drives Sheldon to the pharmacy and on the way back, her car begins to make noises before it stops and starts smoking.

Penny tells Leonard that her car is totaled and she doesn’t have money for a new car and now she doesn’t have a way to auditions. She says that she called to take the part in the movie, but it was already given to someone else. Leonard tries to make her feel better, saying he will drive her places. She points out to him that he has a job he has to go to, meanwhile she will end up being a waitress for the rest of her life.

Raj asks Amy about the girl, Emily, that she messaged for him. Amy tells him that she said she doesn’t think she is right for him. She says Emily thinks the fact that he didn’t message her made him seem too shy and passive. Raj gets upset and tells her to write back. Amy says she will and she also mentions they are meeting for coffee. They found out that they have a lot in common. Raj gets upset that Amy is “stealing” her from him.

Bernadette and Howard go to pick up Sheldon, who first needs photo confirmation that Bernadette has an air freshener in her car before he gets in. On the plane, Sheldon bothers Howard, saying he has to go to the bathroom. He wouldn’t go earlier since the toilet didn’t have a seatbelt, but it has gotten to the point that he has to put his needs before safety. Howard seems bothered, and Sheldon points this out. Howard tells him that he tries hard to be his friend, but Sheldon always does or says something that upsets him. He doesn’t like the fact that Sheldon doesn’t consider him a real astronaut (this stems from something Sheldon mentioned in the car). Howard thinks it is because he is jealous. Sheldon does admit that he always wanted to go to space, so when Howard got the opportunity it was hard for him. This makes Howard happy for a moment until Sheldon finishes his statement saying that it just made him realize that they will “send anyone up there.” Howard decides to not move to let Sheldon go to the bathroom. The plane starts to shake and Sheldon gets scared and just has to go to the bathroom more.

Penny decides to go to the Cheesecake Factory to get her job back. They walk out and Leonard walks over to a car and opens it. Penny tells him that it isn’t his car. Leonard reveals that it is a car he bought for her.

While Amy and Emily are out for coffee, Raj comes in and interrupts and says something creepy. Emily thinks he has no boundaries and she gets up and leaves. She also breaks her date with Amy to go to a Chaucer reading.

The plane is still in bad turbulence, and Howard and Sheldon are holding hands, both apologizing and saying nice things to each other. The plane ends up landing safely, but they are still both shaken up and continue to hold hands.

image: Wikimedia Commons



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