The Black Keys selling shirts to raise funds for Akron little league

By Chelsea Lewis ,

The Black Keys recently sponsored a little league baseball team in 2013. Now the Keys are selling shirts to help out an entire league.

MTV News reported that the band started selling shirts on Monday, at TheBlackKeys.com. All of the profits from the t-shirts will be going toward the entire West Akron Baseball League.

The t-shirts were designed by Michael Carney, the brother of Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney, Billboard reported. Michael Carney is also the band's creative director.

The funds that are raised will go towards a variety of projects including keeping registration fees low, buying new uniforms and replacing older equipment. The old equipment will be donated to communities in Akron that don't have the money to get new equipment.

Carney spoke about why this was a special cause for the band.

"Dan [Auerbach] and I played little league when we were kids before we got into music, it was a really positive hobby that kept us from sitting around watching TV," Carney said. "We are proud to be sponsoring W.A.B.L to hopefully offset some of the leagues expenses and get more kids outside having fun."

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