Boeing reports problems with Dreamliner production

By Laura Hundemer,

The Boeing Company announced Friday that they found problems with the new Dreamliner aircraft they are currently manufacturing. Boeing found hairline cracks in the wings of some 40 planes that were recently produced.

The problems have been found with planes that are not yet in flight and not yet in use by airlines, so there is no question of safety. The only question is how will this manufacturing problem affect the production rate of the Dreamliner?

Boeing plans to deliver 110 787 models this year and they insist that is still the goal despite the setback. According to Reuters, Boeing said the cracks, which also occurred on the larger 787-9 model currently undergoing flight tests, could delay the date when airlines can take delivery of their new planes by a few weeks.

But what is causing the cracks in the wings? According to the Wall Street Journal, the wings are made by Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., which told Boeing that a change in its manufacturing process may cause the cracks.



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