Brandon Howard’s Michael Jackson DNA test was fake (Report)

By Daniel S Levine,

Brandon Howard has already said that he has never claimed to be Michael Jackson’s son and that he had nothing to do with the FilmOn.com spectacle yesterday. Still, the saga is making headlines, with one report this morning claiming that the positive DNA test was completely bogus.

TMZ, which had been the first to publicize Howard’s story, claims to have obtained a copy of the DNA test results FilmOn.com owner Akil David claimed showed that Howard and Jackson had a 99.9 percent DNA match. The document claims that the test was done at a lab in Ireland with the generic name “DNA Lab.” Of course, there isn’t any DNA lab in Ireland with such an obvious name.

The site also did a Google Images search for “DNA Logo” and one of the first to come up was a double helix that looked exactly the same as the logo on the document. In addition, TMZ notes that a similar logo was seen on a Terminator Salvation t-shirt.

Howard, whose mother is singer Miki Howard, has said on Facebook that he had absolutely nothing to do with the DNA test and that he never contacted TMZ about it. He also said that he’s never claimed to be the King of Pop’s son and that he never called the Jackson estate for money.

“It sounds like a fraud to me,” Howard Weitzman, the estate’s attorney, told The Daily News on Thursday.

image courtesy of Facebook video/screenshot



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