Brandon Howard's 'real' father comes forward, says Howard is not Michael Jackson’s son

By Daniel S Levine,

The Michael Jackson secret child saga has another chapter this morning. Augie Johnson, who claims to be Brandon Howard’s real father, has come forward to corroborate what Howard has already said. Howard has insisted that he has never claimed to be Jackson’s son.

Johnson spoke with TMZ and said that Howard had called him the moment TMZ first reported that FilmOn.com was going to reveal a DNA test that claimed Howard was Jackson’s son.

Johnson said that he did have a relationship with Miki Howard, Howard’s mother, during the 1980s. He says he has been a major part of Howard’s life and was even in the delivery room. He shared family photos with TMZ.

The moment the story broke, Howard called Johnson to tell him, “Don't worry about this stuff. You are my dad.” Johnson said that “greedy people” were behind the entire stunt.

The “test” revealed that Howard’s DNA was a 99.9 percent match to Jackson’s. Howard later took to his Facebook page to say that he never contacted TMZ, has never said he was Jackson’s son and never tried to get money from the Jackson estate. It was even found that the “test” shown off during the FilmOn.com show was a fake.

"The logo was made by the DNA agency to make it look pretty. Lab documents are not pretty by nature," FilmOn.com's Akil David said in response to TMZ, reports AceShowBiz.

image courtesy of Facebook video/screenshot



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