Brawl on Housewives of Atlanta could lead to new cast members

By Francisco Flores,

Things got physical on the set of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion as Portia Stewart and Kenya Moore got in an altercation while filming.

US Magazine reported that the brawl happened on Thursday while they filmed the reunion special for their current sixth season. The brawl comes as no surprise as these two women have had tension in their relationship for years.

Since they met in 2012 on the show, they have not gotten along too well. Since Stewart was the new girl at the time, Moore instantly began antagonizing her and eventually lead to a fallout within the group of cast members.

Daily Mail Online also reported that this might be the end of the road for Moore on the show as this altercation was her fault and was unnecessary. As of now, the whole cast is currently being re-evaluated individually by producers for their return on the next season of RHOA.

The Atlanta-based Housewives is currently the highest rated show on Bravo and the most successful branch of the series.

Image courtesy of Fernando Leon/Getty Images



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