British troops to join NATO war games over Baltic

By Alicia Mayle,

In the conflict between the Ukraine and Russia, British troops will be participating in war games in the Baltics to reassure the Ukraine should Russia over step its boundaries again.

Philip Hammond, the Defense Secretary, said that while everyone is concerned that Russia might try to invade other territories of the Ukraine, that they should also worry about the “use of this very crude and blunt instrument to try and influence other nations and their behavior.” Hammond continued on to say that they are looking for an opportunity to increase their “participation in planned Nato exercises as another way of reassuring” their Nato allies.

“Nobody should be in any doubt of our resolve to live up to our commitments under the Nato Treaty,” according to the Telegraph.

In attempt to soothe the tension, Secretary of State John Kerry will be meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Paris to discuss different options.

Lavrov said in an interview on Saturday that Russia had been deceived after being told that "there would be no movement of Nato military infrastructure closer to our borders,” according to BBC.

Russia has moved more troops closer to the Ukrainian border.

While Europeans set their clocks an hour forward, Crimean’s set theirs two hours forward with Moscow on Sunday.



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