Brooklyn man arrested for attempted rape in Chinatown

By Elaine Alluin,

A Brooklyn man has been taken into custody for allegedly sexually assaulting woman in Chinatown.

NY1's sources revealed that the man's name is Hua Qin Ye, 28.

Ye allegedly knocked at the victim’s door at 10 p.m. The 51-year-old woman opened the door and Ye barged into the house and sexually assaulted her.

Sources told NY1 that the victims did not know Ye.

The New York Daily News added that, as the 51-year-old woman tried to fight Ye off, her 50-year-old roommate dialed 911.

When the cops arrived at 10:20 p.m. Ye was still inside the apartment and resisted arrest. The two women were able to subdue Ye until the authorities arrived at the apartment.

Authorities were able to get Ye to cooperate in order to make the arrest. Once Ye was handcuffed, he was taken to Bellevue Hospital for psychiatric evaluation. The two women were taken to the hospital and treated for minor cuts and bruises.

Ye has a string of charges against that include resisting arrest, attempted rape and burglary.



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