'Burger King Baby' reunites with birth mother 27 years after being abanded

By Gina DiFalco,

A woman who was abandoned at a Burger King as a baby has reunited with her birth mom this week.

Katheryn Deprill, 27, known as “Burger King Baby,” launched a search for her birth mother just three weeks ago by posting a photo of herself on social media with the plea, "Looking for my birth mother. ... She abandoned me in the Burger King bathroom only hours old, Allentown PA. Please help me find her by sharing my post."

According to NBC Chicago, the mother and daughter met on Monday at attorney John Waldron’s office, who had set up their meeting after the biological mother discovered the Facebook post.

"It looked like I was looking in a mirror,” said Deprill, whose mother’s name wasn’t released. She also said she felt “pure joy” upon meeting her for the first time.

“She is better than anything I could've ever imagined. She is so sweet and amazing. I'm so happy," she said.

Deprill said they are now going to start a relationship and her mother explained why she abandoned her during their 4-hour meeting. Her mother told her she was raped while traveling when she was 17 and didn’t tell her parents she was pregnant – she felt she had no other way out of the situation.

Waldron told Allentown’s KDVR “She left the baby in a location where the baby would be found and cared for. She kissed the baby on the forehead … and left.”

Deprill is now a married mother of three.



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