California feels aftershocks resulting from Friday's earthquake

By Alicia Mayle,

California is experiencing shocks after an earthquake hit on Friday with a magnitude of 5.1, with the largest aftershock having been in the range of 4.1 magnitude.

Some residents were relocated elsewhere after firefighters discovered that their homes were unsafe to enter due to structural damage and leaning chimneys. Luckily, no one was injured.

While residents did lose valuables and their lives were interrupted due to the earthquake, Chi-Chung Keung, a spokesman for the city of Fullerton, said that, “thankfully the damage wasn't greater,” according to SF Gate.

The earthquake was felt all the way from Palm Springs to San Diego. Doug Given, a USGS geophysicist said that while this earthquake, which was felt by many people, was unusual, that “these quakes occur in populated areas and people try to put two and two together and predict that something more is coming, but that's simply not the case,” according to Reuters.

Some streets were shut down due to water main breaks, and all trains were put on hold until the tracks and cars could be inspected.



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