California residents hurry to get health insurance

By Laura Hundemer,

As the deadline of March 31 is quickly approaching, many California residents are scrambling to get health insurance. Many people are frantically trying to complete applications and choose coverage plans.

According to Central Coast News, as long as an application is partially complete before midnight on the last day of March, applicants will receive a two-week extension to pick their plan. However, if you do not submit an application by the deadline, you will not receive health insurance unless you experience a major event such as moving, getting married, or having a child.

As California locations that were hosting Covered California sign-up events were flooded with lines of people, it was difficult to get an application complete. Many people chose to apply in person rather than online.

According to NBC Bay Area, on Saturday at San Jose’s Health Fair, hundreds of people were waiting to apply and were not all going to be able to do so. The people that were unable to complete the process said they will return Sunday to hopefully finish.



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