California teen Ashton Colby Sachs in custody for murdering his parents

By Alicia Mayle,

Ashton Colby Sachs, a California teen, was taken into custody after authorities found his mother and father shot to death and his little brother injured in their San Diego Coronado home Feb. 9.

Authorities declared Bradford and Andra Sachs dead and took their younger son to the hospital in critical condition. While the younger son is paralyzed from his injuries, Sachs' two teenage sisters were not hurt.

Justin Montano, the case investigator, told NBC Los Angeles, “It became clear that Ashton Sachs was our suspect. We believe that he is our only suspect.”

The 19-year-old is being held without bail and will be charged with the murder of his parents. His sentence can range from life in prison to the death penalty if he is convicted.

Bradford and Andra Sachs were entrepreneurial business partners who started technology companies and owned homes around the world, according to the New York Daily News.

They had divorced in 1999, but shared a home together with the five children.



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