Carol Maraj, Nicki Minaj’s mom, releases gospel song ‘God’s Been Good’

By Amy Michura,

Hip-hop artist Nicki Minaj is no longer going to be the only one in the family releasing music. Her mother, Carol Maraj, has decided to take the steps to launch her very own music career by releasing a gospel single.

While her daughter Nicki, who was born with the name Onika Maraj, discusses topics like big behinds, sex and money, her mother will be singing at the other end of the spectrum.

According to Global Grind, Carol’s gospel song, however, won’t contain the traditional musical fixings of a gospel song. Instead, it features a synth-pop beat that some have labeled EDM-inspired. Maraj labeled it on her SoundCloud as "contemporary gospel."

Although the beat of the music may seem a little different than the traditional gospel music, the content and feelings remain the same.

“God’s been good, he’s always been good to me,” Carol sings in the song entitled, "God’s Been Good."

A snippet of the song can be heard from Carol’s own SoundCloud account.

According to Capital FM, Minaj has not commented on her mother’s aspiring music career. However, she is expected to unveil a new album The Pink Print later in the year.

Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons



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