Cast of ‘300: Rise of an Empire’ discuss the movie without lead actor Sullivan Stapleton

By Marcina Zaccaria ,

Producers of 300: Rise of an Empire are continuing the promotional campaign for the film without the lead actor.

Australian actor Sullivan Stapleton was injured in Thailand recently. Stapleton plays Athenian warrior-general, Themistocles, in 300: Rise of an Empire. The publicity team for the film did not say how the actor was injured. Several cast members said that they are keeping in touch with the actor via e-mail.

According to the Associated Press, Producer Deborah Snyder said at the premiere this week, "We miss Sully and we wish Sully was here today. But he had an accident after leaving the set one night when he was filming Strike Back so unfortunately he's recovering."

300: Rise of an Empire was co-written by Zack Snyder. The director of the film was Noam Murro. The movie also features Eva Green and Lena Headey. In the film, the Greek general Themistocles faces mortal-turned god, Xerxes and Artemisia, commander of the Persians.

The movie is looking towards great success. According to Forbes, CGI and visual effects make this film stand apart from other action films.

Image: EPK TV



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