Caught in the act: San Francisco artist starts campaign that catches drivers texting and driving

By Alesandria Posada,

San Francisco artist, Brian Singer, has made it his mission to make people aware of texting and driving by posting pictures of people caught in the act on his website.

According to E! News, Singer has started an online campaign where he takes photos of texting drivers and posts them on his website, TWIT (texting while in traffic) Spotting.

Singer has even rented out 11 billboards around the Bay area that display the pictures of people caught in the illegal act.

"My hope is that it will freak some people out and make them think twice before picking up the phone while driving," Singer told Gizmodo. "My greater hope is that it inspires others to start taking photos, too. If enough people started doing this, it could have a dramatic effect on people's behavior."

Despite the $76 minimum fine a driver can get if caught in California, many people are still checking their phones while in traffic, at stop lights and more.

"I've been blown away by the number of people texting while in traffic, on the freeway," he said. "For every nose picker, there's 20 texters. Unofficial estimation by me."

What do you think of Singer’s campaign? Good idea or bad?



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