CBS CEO Les Moonves says Disney-Dish deal is ‘great start,’ but not good enough for CBS

By Daniel S Levine,

Dish Network may have settled its issues with Disney, but CBS CEO Les Moonves said that CBS would not strike a similar deal. He said that the deal between Disney and Dish reached on Tuesday was a decent start, but not enough for his network.

On Tuesday, Dish and Disney extended their carriage deal, but the headline was Dish’s consolation with its AutoHop feature. The option allows subscribers to skip ads during DVR recordings and angered the networks. In the deal with Disney, Dish agreed to make the feature unavailable for ABC and ESPN programming until three days after they aired.

While that may be good enough for Disney, it’s not for CBS, Moonves said while speaking at a Morgan Stanley investor conference, reports The Wall Street Journal. The deal is “a great start,” but “not quite enough for us.”

CBS’ carriage deal with Dish ends in 2015, so there could be another contract battle (CBS does have a habit of taking their battles public). Moonves said that “We are going to want to do some different things,” compared to Disney, so he’ll have some different negotiation tactics.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Moonves also said that he thinks the major Comcast and Time Warner Cable merger will eventually be approved by government regulators.

image courtesy of CBS



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