Celebrities introduce 'Back to the Future Part II' hover boards (video)

By Alyssa Ladzinski,
Doc Brown, Tony Hawk and Terrell Owens appear in hover board video

Back to the Future Part II gave hope to viewers around the world that 2015 would bring flying cars, self-lacing sneakers and "HUVr" boards. Two out of three isn’t as bad—self-lacing sneakers exist and hover boards are appearing to be the latest invention.

These skateboard-like platforms allow people to stand on and zip about in mid-air. Back to the Future’s very own Christopher Lloyd, also known as Doc, introduces the HUVr boards in a commercial in which he’s accompanied by celebrities Terrell Owens and Tony Hawk, as reported by The LA Times.

The HUVr Tech website gives people the artistic ability to design personalized boards. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks is known as the creative entrepreneur.

The 2010 MIT Physics Graduate Program project eventually found it’s way to the public and will be available in December, according to HUVrtech.com.

Sites like Mashable have tried debunking this theory and proving that it's just a hoax. If that's true, then why go through the trouble of spending money on a commercial, making a website and adding a countdown to Decemeber?

For the sake of your inner child, let's try to believe gravity has been defied and that December will bring better news.

Watch the future take place here:

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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