Celebrity Tweets: March 19 with Justin Bieber, Hilary Duff and Ariana Grande

By Morgan Cox,

Happy Wednesday everyone! Twitter has been busy today with many new and exciting tweets from all of your favorite celebrities.

Good news is in store for all of you Beliebers because Justin Bieber's Believe movie will be available for purchase soon and Ariana Grande fans can expect her new single to be released a little earlier than expected! If you had a rough day, today's tweets are sure to brighten your mood and make you smile, at least a little bit.

Tweets from celebrities can range from inspirational to humorous. But one thing is for sure, they are always undeniably entertaining! Wednesday's tweets are surely full of it's normal goodness: witty, inspiring, and as expected, random. Sit back and relax! It's almost the weekend and you deserve a break.

What better way to entertain yourself this afternoon than with a daily dose of your favorite celebrity tweets? Keep scrolling and join us for another silly and full of fun Wednesday.

Justin Bieber makes the announcement we've all been waiting for.

Selena Gomez shares an adorable picture.

Hilary shares a funny picture with her followers.

Ellen's joke of the day…

JT's new video will be premiering on The Ellen Show!

Austin reminds Mahomies that there's only a few days left to enter his contest.

Ariana unfortunately has had to delay her new album.

But luckily, fans will get her new single much sooner :)

Luke looks back to his not so flattering times on Twitter and gives everyone a good laugh.



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