Celebrity Tweets: March 21 with Usher, Taylor Swift, and Austin Porter

By Morgan Cox,

Happy Friday! It's finally the weekend and we couldn't be any more excited to share today's top celebrity tweets.

Friday's tweets are full of the normal goodness that we always find. The tweets we bring you today are more random than ever, but are sure to brighten your day and set your weekend off to an excellent start. Twitter celebrities sure did seem to be in the photographic mood today with all the pictures they sent out to the Twitter world.

Today we've got pictures from Aaron Carter, Taylor Swift, and even Ellen Degeneres shared an incredible "aww-worthy" picture that we couldn't keep to ourselves!

Along with the spring weather arriving, these tweets are sure to warm your heart. It's been a long week and you've waited for this day to come. So sit back and get comfortable as you sip your coffee, and keep scrolling for your long awaited daily dose of tweets from all of your favorite celebrities on Twitter!

Usher shares a 'must read' book with his followers.

Taylor shows her artsy side with a spring inspired painting.

Austin Porter sends a tweet to fellow recording artist, Justin Bieber. Do we see a duet in the future??

Matthew West shares a simple photo with a big message.

Ellen tweets one of the most adorable photos we've ever seen.

Who is Aaron kissing…?

Looks like Justin will get to spend some quality time with his dad, Jeremy tomorrow!



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