Chevelle releases second single off upcoming album

By Chris Howcroft,

It has been two years since the band Chevelle released their last album Hats Off to the Bull. On April 1, the rock trio will release their seventh album titled La Gargola, which is Spanish for “the gargoyle.”

Chevelle has been in Pasadena, Calif., for several months now working on this album. They are very excited for the upcoming release, which they hope will become just as successful as their previous albums.

Loudwire learned that the band chose to record in California instead of their hometown Chicago where they normally produce their records. They are working with the acclaimed rock producer Joe Barresi and hope his influence will add to the sound and style that Chevelle has established over the years.

The first track off the new album “Take Out the Gunman” was released Feb. 3 and broke into the top ten on US mainstream rock chart, reaching No. 5. The second single off the album “Hunter Eats Hunter” was released online for streaming and is another heavy guitar-driven song in dealing with the idea of a hunter and his prey.

Blabbermouth learned from lead singer of the band Pete Loeffler that he enjoys how Chevelle’s sound has evolved through the years even though they stick to their roots and don’t try to sound like someone else. He talks about how the band has stayed true to their form throughout the years and how that inspires him to keep writing new music.

The new album will drop April 1 and just a few days after that Chevelle will begin their 2014 tour in Indiana and will travel throughout the country promoting their new album.



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