Chicago Blue Line train driver admits to falling asleep before crash

By Kyle Johnson,

The driver of the CTA Blue Line train that crashed Monday morning admitted that she fell asleep and didn't wake up until the train derailed.

The driver spoke with the NTSB on Wednesday, reports WLS where "She did admit that she dozed off prior to entering the station and did not awake again until the train hit close to the end of the bumper," said Ted Turpin, lead investigator.

After she fell asleep, the driver believes that her hand likely kept pressure on the power handle, which allowed it to keep moving forward and eventually jump the track. She also admitted that it wasn't the first time she had fallen asleep.

The previous time only resulted in her train passing the station and she was reprimanded by CTA officials at the time.

The train derailed at the O'Hare airport station at 3 a.m. , as previously reported and more than 30 people were injured. The train was able to hop the rail and went as far as part of the way up an escalator.

Damage done to the track and equipment will cost at least $6 million. The station will likely be open again by the end of the week.

The CTA hasn't announced whether or not the driver will be fired and noted they are waiting for the investigation to be completed before making any decisions.



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