Chicago woman was accidently shot by co-worker

By Rebecca Walezak,

A Chicago woman was accidentally shot on Friday after a gun fell into a co-worker's hand and discharged, killing her.

Maria Carmen Dominguez, 54, was sorting through clothing with a co-worker at the Unique Thrift store when the co-worker shook a sock that appeared to have something in it. A .22-caliber handgun fell out and shot Dominguez in the chest when it apparently fell into the man's hand, reports NBC News.

According to GA Daily News, the co-worker, who is unidentified, notified police that the gun fell from something he was holding.

Dominguez is survived by her husband, Victor Campos, and two children. Many regulars at the Unique Thrift store remain shocked over the incident.

“So sad, so sad,” Barbara Paradise, a customer at the thrift store, said. “It breaks my heart. That’s why I came back, because I knew her.”

The Department of Labor is currently investigating the incident, but stated that they are treating it as an accident and not a homicide.



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