Child hurt by razor blades glued to playground equipment

By Michelle Kapusta,

A child was injured Monday after someone very deranged glued razor blades to playground equipment at a park in East Moline, Ill.

According to KWQC, authorities have said that the 2-year-old was injured by the razor blades that were glued to the equipment. He suffered a minor cut on his hand and was treated at home by his father, who had accompanied him to the playground.

WGN noted that police said the incident occurred while the toddler was playing at Millennium Park.

Police removed a dozen blades from the equipment and immediately scanned the city’s other parks to see if they found anything similar there. They did not.

"East Moline parks are safe, but it's just a bad situation, bad instance where somebody or maybe a group of kids, I don't know who did this, but figured this would be a fun prank to do," Lt. Brian Foltz said.

Police do not have any vandals in custody at this time. Anyone with further information about who may have committed the sick act is asked to contact the authorities.



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