Chinese government website claims to have pictures of missing Malaysian plane debris

By Kyle Johnson,

A Chinese government website claims that it has pictures of debris belonging to the missing Malaysian Airlines jet that disappeared on its way to Beijing.

Xinhua News Agency reported that the government technology website believes it has satellite images showing "three suspected floating objects" off the southern coast of Vietnam in an area part of the initial search for the plane, reports Fox News.

Though there has been no confirmation of what the debris really is, National Transportation Safety Board investigator and consultant, Vernon Grose, feels that one of the objects could well be an airplane wing.

The latest belief is that Flight 370 disintegrated over the sea. The theory rose after Vietnam officials believed they found a door from the airplane and other debris found in the sea in the general flight path of the flight.

Fox News notes that until the plane and black boxes are found, no possibility, such as mechanical failure, terrorism or other, is being discounted.

Last year, Boeing released a safety alert for the same type of plane, a 777, involving cracks around a satellite antenna. Several planes were examined and found to have cracks of varying sizes, including one with a 16-inch crack.



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