Chinese relatives of Malaysian Airlines passengers threatening to go on hunger strike until more information comes

By Daniel S Levine,

Several of the Chinese relatives of passengers on the missing Malaysian Airlines flight have threatened to go on a hunger strike if they do not hear anything soon about their family members.

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 went missing on March 8 and around two thirds of the passengers are Chinese. China has recently asked to join the search, which has now widened to include the Indian Ocean. The flight was heading to Beijing, but has not been heard from.

“What we want is the truth,” one woman told Reuters. “Don't let them become victims of politics. No matter what political party you are, no matter how much power you have, if there isn't life, what's the point? Where is compassion?”

According to NBC News, the woman held up a piece of paper with slogans for the cameras. “We’re going on a hunger strike,” she said. A man also wrote on a whiteboard, “for our relatives, hunger strike.”

It’s not known how many of the relatives who are waiting at a Beijing hotel for any news are on a hunger strike or if they even started.

The Chinese government has also called on Malaysia to do a better job at sharing information. "China has all along demanded that the Malaysian side and Malaysia Airlines earnestly respond to the reasonable requests of the Chinese families," Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei said.

image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons



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