Chinese Satellites may have found objects of missing Malaysian airplane

By Alicia Mayle,

On Saturday, March 22, Chinese satellites spotted an object in the southern part of the Indian Ocean that may be wreckage from the Malaysian airliner that went missing two weeks ago.

The object is 74 feet long and 43 feet wide and was spotted near a location that other objects were spotted at, according to Hindustan Times.

China already has five ships searching the area, but will be sending two more to join the search in effort to find the missing plane carrying 239 passengers.

The airliner went missing an hour after taking off, but data has reported that the airliner flew after the pilots stopped communicating.

Families of the missing passengers are upset with the Malaysian airline company because of its reluctance to announce that the airliner was missing, and when the families asked questions, they were not answered. According to Reuters, the families of the missing passengers gave the following statement: “This kind of conduct neglects the lives of all the passengers, shows contempt for all their families, and even more, tramples on the dignity of Chinese people and the Chinese government.”



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