Chris Brown to remain in jail until April, judge rules

By Kyle Johnson,

A judge ruled on Monday that Chris Brown must stay in jail until late April when his next hearing is scheduled after violating probation late last week.

Brown was tossed out of his court-mandated rehab program on Friday. Being kicked out meant that he was violating his probation, which meant Brown faced time in jail.

At the time a source who spoke with TMZ said that Brown was given the heave-ho because he broke "internal rules" and not because of his previously revealed relationship with a female employee or issues with drugs or violence.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Brown had made some comments while in rehab relating to his skill with knives and guns and Superior Court judge James R. Brandlin didn't like the sound of that.

Mark Geragos, Brown's lawyer, requested that Brown be given a chance to enter into a different rehab facility instead of jail, but the judge ruled otherwise.

The rehab stay stems from his 2009 assault charges against his girlfriend at the time, Rihanna. The singer will have to stay in jail until April 23.

image courtesy of NBC



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