Chrysler recalls thousands of vehicles this week

By Laura Hundemer,

Chrysler has announced thousands of recalls this week in Fiat, Dodge and Jeep vehicles. The recalls are due to three major problems detected with the automobiles.

Over 49,000 Dodge Chargers were recalled because Chrysler found that components of the headlights could over heat. According to the Associated Press there was a similar recall of Charger police cars in 2012 and the problem could have an effect on driver safety.

Additionally, USA Today reported that over 18,000 2012-2013 Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Durango vehicles were recalled due to issues with the Ready Alert Braking system. The brakes remained safe for drivers, however, customers were complaining about the feel of the brake pedal.

USA Today also reported over 18,000 2014 models of the Fiat 500L were recalled due to transmission issues. Chrysler was reported as saying, "The investigation discovered the function of one microcontroller component may be compromised by certain temperature extremes. A software update resolves the issue.” Although the number of recalled vehicles were high, no accidents have been reported.



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